The mandarin displays just as its name reveals a radiance of rich mandarin colour as it sits beautifully along the true blue drive. Its many students that lived at such a luxurious and modern home away from home boast of its close proximity to the school. Every few minutes it is quite easy to get unto a bus to travel to any destination, whether for school or fun purposes. It is also just as fun to take a short walk back to school or the gym in just a few minutes.

It is hard to leave. I will miss my home at The Mandarin.

James (Washington, USA) Jun 2013

I did so much better in my studies now that I have moved to The Mandarin.

Eman (California, USA) Dec 2012

I improved my studies, I felt happier, I studied better and I was so healthy while living here at The Mandarin

Krystal (California, USA) Dec 2012

It is an amazing place. The people are great, the services excellent. Just great!

Jackie (Manitoba, Canada) Dec 2012

You guys made my stay remarkable, you are so supportive, your place is the best I have ever seen.

Christina (California, USA) Dec 2011

This apartment is excellent, you guys here are amazing. We enjoyed living here, thanks for everything you did for us and making us feel at home.

Jacquilin (Texas, USA) & Noreen (Canada) Dec 2011

Thanks for everything. This place is the best I am happy I moved here. You guys made a difference in my time on the island.

Kate (NY, USA) May 2011

We enjoyed every moment. This place is the greatest. It is the best place anyone can live. You guys are amazing, the place is spectacular. Thanks for everything.

Arian (California, USA), Alex (NY, USA) Dec 2010

This is the best apartment, i will miss it. Will not get one in New York looking so great for that price. Lovely. Thanks, it was really great.

Aleem (Las Vegas, USA) & Mehal (Pennsylvania, USA) May 2010

I really enjoyed being here, I was so happy here. It made my studies a lot easier and it was close to everything. I really loved it thanks for making my stay great.

Justin (NJ, USA), Sean (FL, USA) May 2010

I felt at home, you guys are the best. Will miss this place.

Christine (Texas, USA) Dec 2010

This place is the best, yep. I loved being here.

Bilal (NJ, USA) Dec 2010

I really liked it here, the place and the people.

Benjamin (Michigan, USA) May 2010